About Odo Smile

Odo Smile air freshener gets the bathroom fresh and alive. The blocks have special odor busters that keep the unpleasant smell away with nature-inspired fragrances. It can be used in bathrooms, homes, toilets, cupboards, etc. Available in Cherry Blossom, Citrus Burst, and Flower Bouquet

Odo Smile, natures touch


Odo Smile Features 

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    Long lasting freshener

    Odo smile air freshener blocks leave your home smelling fresh and fragrant for a month. It also keeps unpleasant odors away
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    Simple to use

    It’s so easy to use, just unwrap and place it in the room you’d like and the freshener will do its job
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    Variety of scents

    Whether you like fresh, flowery, or fruity scents. We have you covered for a consistent, aromatic, and uplifting fragrance

Odosmile Toilet Balls

Odosmile disinfectant Scented Toilet Balls disinfect urinals and reduce bad odors. They are scented to give the urinal a pleasant smell. It dissolves in water to prevent blockages.
Product Variants

Air Freshener Scents

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Where to Buy

Purchase any of our Odo Smile products in any of these stores and so many more across Kenya and online