Prolite Candles for every mood

Don’t use your Prolite candles only when there is a blackout. Whether you are in the mood for unwinding or dancing all night, candles are the perfect way to create the mood you want.


Set the tone for romance with Prolite candles. Candles are perfect for romance because most of us associate candle-lit dinners and low lighting with seduction. Candles combine visual beauty with soft, flattering light and add a good dose of delicious fragrance. They simply tickle the senses and help you get sensual.

For events

Prolite non-drip candles provide a safe option for all attendees while still taking the decoration scheme up a notch. If you’re planning an event with flowers or food, unscented candles won’t interfere with the smells you want people to remember.

To decorate

Create a beautiful centerpiece or set the mood for a calming, spa-like environment with Prolite Candles. The short candles can be placed in water and will burn for up to five hours. Fill a bowl or vase with water, flowers, pebbles, and other decorative touches, and complete the look with a lit floating candle.