Super Office Glue is super reliable. It is clean, precise, easy to use and bonds in seconds. If you are looking for fast, strong and durable solutions for all your glueing tasks, Supersleek Office Glue is your choice.

SKU: Available in 90 gram, 160 gram, 500 gram and 1 KG


Super Office Glue is the best glue in Kenya. It’s used in offices, schools, and homes. It’s used for paper and thick materials.

  • Fast bonding

    Bonds to paper in less than a minute

  • Non-toxic

    It dries clear, it’s washable and paper safe

  • Smooth

    Smooth glue, won’t wrinkle or pass-through paper

Product Variants

Strong, Durable and Fast drying glue

Super Office Glue 90G

Super Office Glue 160G

Super Office Glue 500G

Super Office Glue 1KG

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