About Topex

Topex is the top bleaching detergent. It not only leaves your whites as white as snow but also germ and stain-free while being gentle on your hands.

It’s also multipurpose and can be used to wash plates, cutlery, sinks, kitchen tubs, showers, walls, and fridges. Available in Regular and Lemon.

Topex colours add character to any outfit and ensures your colorful outfits remain bright and vibrant while being tough on stains and gentle on your hands.


  • Kills 99.9% of germs

    Clean, disinfect, and deodorize with the power of Topex bleach and Window Cleaner. Topex has excellent antibacterial, fungicidal properties
  • Multiple Uses

    Aside from your clothes, Topex bleach is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting around your home or office
  • Whiten and Brighten

    Topex bleach whitens your whites while Topex color brightens the color of your fabric while removing stains

Product Range

Clean smart with less hustle

Bleach products

Topex bleach keeps clothes whiter longer, cleans and protects surfaces so stains won’t stick and cleanup is so much easier

Topex Colours

Loose dirt while retaining the original colour of your clothes. Topex colours makes them brighter without bleaching your clothes

Topex Window Cleaner

Our window cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass, windows and so much more. It leaves an unbeatable streak-free shine

Where To Buy

You can purchase Topex products in all major supermarkets in Kenya and online.

Become a Retailer

To stock Topex products in Kenya, please reach out to our distributor.