Embracing Softness

Cuddles is the best fabric softener in the market and a must-have addition to your laundry. Cuddles Fabric Softener helps keep your fabric fibers smooth, easy to iron and gentle on delicate skin. Keep your clothes soft and your little one’s skin happy.
Available in 6 amazing variants: Ever Fresh, Laven Fresh, Satin feel, Soft, Dew fresh and Tender Fresh and is suitable for use in both hand and machine wash. Cuddles Fabric Softener, Embracing softness?


Rightfully so, Cuddles is one of the leading fabric softeners in Kenya. It's formulated to help prevent fading, and stretching.

Smooth Fibres

Gentle on Skin



Easy to Iron

Product Variants

Explore our classic range for long lasting freshness

Where To Buy

You can purchase Cuddles Fabric Softener products in all major supermarkets in Kenya and online.