Cuddles fabric softener is a must have in your laundry

Cuddles fabric softener penetrates deep down between the fibers of your clothes and helps protect them from damage caused by washing. It helps to protect fibers, keep your colors intact, and helps to retain shape in the clothes you love. Continue Reading

Laundry cleaning Do’s and Don’t with Cuddles Fabric Softener

Laundry Cleaning Do's with Cuddles Fabric Softener Separate dark clothes from light clothes Use a good quality detergent and fabric softener like Cuddles Always measure the detergent. Too much does not mean better cleaning Use the right water temperature Continue Reading

#CuddlyMoments with Cuddles Fabric Softener in Kenya

The Cuddly moments campaign showed cute and adorable moments between parents and babies. Babies are soft and gentle and these are some of the things Cuddles fabric softener as a brand represents. Our consumers online and offline participated in the Continue Reading