How To Use Fields of Africa Handwash Liquid
I don’t think there is a time any of us have washed our hands more times than when Covid-19 hit and spread across the world. Doesn’t it feel odd when you stay for hours without sanitizing or handwashing? It’s literally become a way of life and for many, it brought about the realization of how surfaces and items are riddled with germs.

Hand hygiene has to be incorporated into our daily routines in this pandemic era. Handwashing and sanitizing is an effective means of the Corona Virus prevention and other diseases. How long you wash your hands also contributes to how effective the handwash is, in getting rid of germs.

Many infections begin when we touch our mouth, nose or eyes. Clean hands are important because it means that when we inevitably touch our faces. To stop the spread of Coronavirus, washing your hands at regular intervals is a must, after coughing or sneezing, when caring for the sick, after using the toilet, while preparing food, before eating, and after handling a pet. Handwashing and sanitizing after touching common surfaces such as doorknobs or handles, or after one comes back home from visiting a public place will keep ourselves and others around us safe.

As much as mandatory mask-wearing has been scrapped off in Kenya, COVID-19 is far from over. We must remember the basics that we must do to keep ourselves safe