Why you need Magnee disinfectants and cleaners

Germs, bacteria, stains, spills, soap scum, kitchen grease, everyday filth and grime is everywhere. This is why you need the Magnee cleaning range and disinfectants so that can take on messes on surfaces throughout your home.

You should let the disinfectant sit before wiping the surface down. Not letting the product sit long enough can limit the product’s effectiveness. The longer you allow the disinfectant to remain in contact with the surface, the more germs you’ll kill. This helps it kill 99.9% of viruses and fungi on nonporous surfaces.

Direction of Use

  1. Remove dirt, dust or debris
  2. Spray Magnee disinfectants on the surface
  3. Completely cover the area you are cleaning thoroughly
  4. Leave it for a few minutes
  5. Wipe the surface
  6. Do not rinse your counter with soap and water because this will remove the product

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